04 May 2021

Legacy, Leadership and Transformation at America's National Ballet Company


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As the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) begins its ninth decade, how is this influential arts organization dealing with the COVID crisis and preparing itself to thrive post-pandemic? Watch this panel discussion to get a peek behind the curtain with key members of the team setting strategy for ABT's future and gain insights into what it takes to lead an arts organization in a rapidly changing world. Professor Rohit Deshpande and Senior Lecturer Henry McGee (MBA 1979) moderate a discussion with ABT Executive Director Kara Medoff Barnett (MBA 2007); Susan Fales-Hill (AB 1984), Chair of the ABT Trustees Emeriti and member of the ABT RISE Advisory Council; and Michael Paull (MBA 1998), President of Disney+ and ESPN+ and an ABT Trustee.

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