14 Mar 2021

Get to Know Plenna, a Social Enterprise Track New Venture Competition Team


With the New Venture Competition (NVC) finale right around the corner (be sure to RSVP and tune in March 30 at 6:00 pm), learn more about team Plenna, a company aiming to provide affordable comprehensive healthcare to women in Mexico.

Team members: Giovanna Abramo (MBA 2022), Lorena Ostos (GSB 2021)

What inspired you to start your company?

My co-founder and I grew up in conservative communities in Mexico, where talking about sex and reproductive health was taboo. Several of our high school classmates got pregnant at a very young age and there was misinformation around other topics like contraceptives, STDs, and breastfeeding. We saw how the current cost of healthcare is keeping a large segment of the population from receiving good quality services. We believe there is so much to be done in the space; by creating Plenna we want to change the way women’s health is addressed by providing a unique, affordable, and comprehensive experience to women in Mexico.

How has the Rock Center or Social Enterprise Initiative helped with your entrepreneurial journey? Are there any other HBS resources that you have been using?

Our experience has been a key motor to kickstart and shape Plenna. We have leveraged resources by interviewing alumni working on similar companies and having innumerable working sessions with one of our mentors—a Rock Executive Fellow—who has been guiding us through this journey.

How did you go about creating your competition pitch? Do you have any advice for someone looking to create a pitch?

As an early applicant to the NVC Social Enterprise Track, we have been able to take advantage of workshops such as “Turning Ideas into Opportunities and Winning Pitches,” which allowed us to structure and tailor our pitch and executive summary to submit the final application.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to find a problem you are truly passionate about. By following your passion, it will be easier for you to motivate people around your idea. Lastly, as with everything in life, this process will be full of ups and downs, but having a co-founding team with the right amount of energy and determination will help you get through every bump in the road.

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