24 May 2023

Class of 2023 Leadership Fellows on the Year Ahead


DEEP BISWAS, Boston Planning & Development Agency
Having spent most of my career working on international economic development issues, I am excited to now be given the chance to potentially help shape a local economic development story through the BPDA. It is an honor to serve the City of Boston and contribute towards the community in which I have lived for the last two years, especially as a foreign national. I strongly believe the provision of affordable housing can stimulate social cohesion, address some of the problems of heightened inequality, and be a means through which to attract more people into the city.

This fellowship is an incredible opportunity to work on one of the city’s most critical pieces of infrastructure; our public transportation system. I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work for the MBTA through this fellowship program. I hope that I will be able to use my HBS education to have a positive impact on the Greater Boston area through strategic and operational initiatives at the T.

TIM CHO, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
I am excited to join the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation (DRK) and help find, fund, and support the world’s best organizations working to solve society’s biggest problems. I will be learning first-hand at the leading venture philanthropy with world-class changemakers both at the fund and with entrepreneurs. I am confident that I will be supported and challenged to continue growing as a leader while ensuring that having a positive impact is at the core of everything I do.

ED CORDELL, The Juilliard School
I’m truly grateful to be joining Juilliard and for the opportunity to work at a world-class performing arts institution. As a lifelong musician, I am deeply passionate about Juilliard’s mission to educate the next generation of creative artists, and I’m eager to help the school turn its vision for the future of arts education into reality. I’m particularly looking forward to the challenge of improving affordability for students from all backgrounds while maintaining the school’s strong financial position. I’m excited to be part of the Juilliard family!

AFROZA DAMJI, MassChallenge
I am thrilled to be joining MassChallenge, where I will have exposure to founders focused on building companies that address global challenges in healthcare, financial services, and sustainable food. I hope to understand how local and global partners (e.g. large corporations, investors, policymakers) can support entrepreneurs and create a thriving startup ecosystem. I look forward to exploring a new phase of the business lifecycle, the non-profit sector, and a role that blends strategy and implementation.

As someone committed to building a more just and equitable economy, I am thrilled to join Year Up after graduation. Their 20+ year track record of empowering young adults to access economic opportunity and reach their full potential aligns deeply with my career goals. In this next role, I look forward to learning from an experienced leader, serving remarkable students, and contributing to the organization's continued growth at a critical time in its story.

LIZA GAYLORD, Boston Ballet
I am extremely excited to be joining the Boston Ballet following graduation. I have always had a deep love for the arts and this position will be a wonderful first step in making a career transition into that space. The leadership of the Boston Ballet has already been incredibly welcoming and I am confident I will learn a lot more about the space in the coming year.

NINA HARSTAD, Equal Justice Initiative
I’m incredibly excited to be joining the team at Equal Justice Initiative. I first had a chance to visit the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, last year and was struck by the recency of our shared history of racial violence and exclusion, the evident throughline of past horrors to the repeated injustices we see today, and an urgency to do something about it. I will be joining the Equal Justice Initiative to contribute to their anti-poverty efforts and am eager to explore approaches that center dignity and community involvement.

As a Boston resident, I'm honored and excited to join the MBTA as a Leadership Fellow. It's a unique opportunity to give back to a city that I called home after graduating from college. I can't wait to work alongside the MBTA's leadership team and contribute my skills to improve and expand public transportation. This is a chance to learn from experienced leaders and make a meaningful impact on the daily lives of local communities. I'm thrilled to be part of such an important organization and can't wait to get started.

ALEJANDRO MOLINA, the White House National Economic Council
I'm most excited to dive into the policy areas that I’m deeply passionate about while at the same time exploring new topics and flexing new skills. My role will involve working across government and in collaboration with the private sector. I can't wait to see the relationships, the lessons, and the impact that the next year will bring.

RACHEL OROL, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
I am so excited to be immersed in the complex challenges and opportunities that exist in the performing arts, and to see how I can make use of the management toolkit I have developed at HBS to allow arts organizations to flourish.

SAMI PAL, Coney Island Prep
I am incredibly thrilled to join Coney Island Prep in New York City. As someone who has had a personal passion for improving K-12 education, I am delighted to make the leap professionally at an organization that is committed to excellence in student achievement both inside and out of the classroom. I hope to use my experience in finance, innovation, and strategy to help create long-lasting positive impact for the 1,000+ predominately low-income, first-generation college students at Coney Island Prep. I am especially eager to return to my hometown of New York City and focus on strategic and operational initiatives that are rooted in a deeply held mission to help our children succeed.

BRITTANY PECK, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
As a Leadership Fellow with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the foundation's mission of accelerating the development of a cure for Parkinson's disease by working on expanding existing programs and evaluating new strategic initiatives. I am excited to learn from and collaborate with the dedicated and innovative leaders across the foundation during a period of organizational growth.

NATHAN ROSIN, City of Boston - Office of the Mayor
I couldn't be more excited to join the Wu administration this summer and to get to work serving the people of Boston. I'm grateful for the opportunity not just to pursue a role in public service, but to do so in an administration that is so deeply committed to meaningful systems change. I look forward to working together with constituents, community organizations, and local city leaders to advance Mayor Wu's plans for a more equitable and sustainable Boston. Having grown up in the Greater Boston area, I'm also thrilled and proud to be back home.

TARYN STAMPER, The Nature Conservancy
I’m incredibly excited to join the amazing team at the Nature Conservancy, working in the critical and cross-functional space of global feed markets. I came into HBS with the goal of pivoting into the environmental and nature-based space. The chance to learn from and support diverse teams at one of the most wide-reaching and impactful environmental organizations in the world is truly a unique opportunity and puts me on the path to my broader career goals.

MIMI VERDONK, OneTen Coalition, Inc.
Working at OneTen is an opportunity to marry the business skills I have been honing at HBS with my personal mission of advancing Black lives and livelihoods in this country. I am so excited to be a Leadership Fellow and to have the opportunity to deep dive in the social sector. Moreover, I am excited to play a part in closing the pervasive wealth gap that unfairly constrains communities of color and stifles upward mobility. It is going to be a wonderful year!

RYAN WARREN, Harlem Children’s Zone
I am honored to join Harlem Children's Zone later this year. For years, I have been passionate about racial justice, but I have not had the opportunity to work directly for an organization that is doing on-the-ground community-based work to address systemic root causes. HCZ is an inspiring and proven leader in the fight to end intergenerational poverty, not just making an impact in Harlem but also leading the effort nationally and beyond. I am thrilled to join this amazing team, to work alongside the community on HCZ’s programs, and to hopefully start a long career working towards racial equality.

CAROLINE ZHENG, City of Cambridge
I am thrilled to be joining the Cambridge City Manager’s Office in the upcoming year. As someone who grew up eating ice cream in Harvard Square during my childhood and volunteering at Cambridge-based nonprofits during my undergraduate years, I hold a deep fondness for the City of Cambridge and its residents. I strongly believe that local governments have immense potential to make a positive difference in residents’ daily lives and thoughtfully engage diverse constituent voices.

CONNIE ZUO, Whitney Museum of American Art
I could not be more thrilled to be working with the Whitney Museum of American Art over the next year. The art museum has always been a haven to me and a place of many happy family memories, and I am so excited to work alongside the talented team at the Whitney to bring American art to all.

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