25 May 2021

The Class of 2021 Leadership Fellows on the Year Ahead


“I am so excited to work with and be surrounded by incredibly creative people. I have always been a fan of performing arts, particularly dance. The opportunity at Juilliard allows me to tap into my background in education while using the business skillset I have gained to support an innovative and constantly evolving organization. Juilliard is a groundbreaking educational institution, and I am looking forward to supporting the school’s mission.” – MAE ABDELRAHMAN, THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL

“I am excited to work in public transit because it combines my interest in city planning and development with my interest in environmental sustainability. I am especially excited to work at the T, since everyone I have spoken to, including past Leadership Fellows, have had great experiences with the organization. The T is trying to solve a lot of very important challenges and I am eager to be a part of that effort.” –LANDON ACRICHE, MBTA

“I am thrilled to be joining the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and work alongside its flagship constituents. While I personally love the performing arts as a consumer, I could not have imagined that I would get the dream opportunity to professionally contribute to this field. The pandemic has shaken the industry, but it also brings unparalleled opportunities to innovate and rethink how to deepen and widen its role of bringing people together.” – SILVIA ADAM REIG, LINCOLN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS

“I am thrilled to be joining the Harlem Children's Zone in New York. As a student from India, I have seen first-hand the challenges faced by communities like Harlem in getting good education, the struggles families face, and the multiple reasons why students might drop out of school/college. I hope to contribute to HCZ's programs and initiatives over the next year, and am excited to take the learnings from this amazing team back home so we can replicate similar models in India, and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty across the world.” – PRERNA ARYA, HARLEM CHILDREN'S ZONE

“I'm so grateful to be joining Boston Planning and Development Agency as a Leadership Fellow. From my past experience as an intern in the US Senate and as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I believe deeply in public service and am humbled have the chance to serve the city and communities that have given me so much these past two years. In today's context of acute uncertainty, in the face of a pandemic and energized activism against racism, BPDA's work is more important than ever. I hope to help BPDA as it strives to build a more resilient and inclusive city.” – REBECCA BRAUN, BOSTON PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY

“I am excited to join an exceptionally innovative and impactful team that is leading the way in payment reform of the U.S. healthcare system through accountable care. I have been following the work of the strategy team at Boston Medical Center for years prior to HBS, and it is a dream come true to work with leaders that share a vision of making healthcare in America more accessible, equitable and affordable for everyone.” – SOLTAN BRYCE, BOSTON MEDICAL CENTER HEALTH SYSTEM

“I’m thrilled to join Los Angeles Unified School District as advisor to the chief of schools. From my experience as an urban planner and economic development consultant prior to HBS, I recognized and became passionate about the power of public education to advance equity and the collective wellbeing of American cities. I am humbled by the opportunity to learn from and serve such a dynamic team at a pivotal moment in education as pandemic recovery begins.” – SHANI CARTER, LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

“I’m thrilled to be joining an incredible team of purpose-driven individuals at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Coming to HBS, I knew I wanted to find a role that allowed me to make an outsized and transformative impact early in my career. Not only does this position afford unparalleled access to leadership, but it also provides me with the opportunity to work at the nexus of my lifelong passions for art, media, and culture. I’m excited to join a renowned institution that is at the heart of fostering the diverse work of American artists and making their stories accessible to all.” – SARA JETTY, WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART

“I am excited to join Social Finance to work on innovative financing solutions to fund workforce development and economic mobility projects in the US. I worked in international development in various capacities prior to HBS, but the COVID-19 crisis has surfaced many urgent, deep-rooted inequalities in this country I have spent half of my life in. I see this as an opportunity to reorient my career and help drive changes in the communities near me.” – JUSTIN KIM, SOCIAL FINANCE

“I am excited to work alongside a wide array of stakeholders to help bridge the digital divide that is ever-present during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in urban settlements. As we progress further into the digital age and around two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, the digital divide is a crucial issue to address toward a more equitable society.” – YOGI KURNIAWAN, CITY OF SAN JOSE MAYOR’S OFFICE

“I will be working as an Advisor to the Mayor of Boston, the city I have called home for most of my life. I am thrilled with the opportunity to give back to my community through this Fellowship. With the Covid-19 recovery underway in Boston, now is an energizing time to join local government. I plan to help further this recovery and I also hope to focus on other areas for the city, including working on projects in sustainability and affordable housing.” JAKE MAYO, CITY OF BOSTON MAYOR’S OFFICE

“I am joining the MBTA because I have always hated traffic. In all seriousness, I am fascinated by cities and the way people move around them, and, as a Massachusetts native, am excited to help Greater Boston become a greener, more livable area. The Covid crisis has had a significant impact on public transit, and I look forward to helping shape the recovery.” – STEVEN POVICH, MBTA

“The City of Detroit Mayor’s Office offers an incredible environment to see local government making positive, inclusive change. Specifically, I am excited to work on economic development and employment in a revitalizing industrial city with a goal of creating equitable opportunities and stability for growth. The passionate and committed team in Detroit serving the city makes me feel honored to get to learn from them during this time.” – KELSEY ROBERTS, CITY OF DETROIT

“Hearing Bryan Stevenson talk to our class about the power of proximity in late 2019 was an experience that will forever be cemented in my memory. In the wake of the events of 2020 that highlighted the persistence of racial injustice in the USA and beyond, I believe that proximity is more relevant now than ever before. I am honored to have the opportunity to get proximate to the issues around racial injustice and contribute to the incredible work that EJI is doing in changing the narrative about race.” – ANUJA SAMUEL, EQUAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE

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