30 May 2019

Class of 2019 Leadership Fellows on the Year Ahead


“Though I wouldn’t have predicted this for myself a year ago, I could not be more excited to begin working on the Chief of Staff’s team at the ACLU in July. I am a naturalized U.S. citizen. As an immigrant, I believe very strongly in the liberties the Constitution affords us. I love that the ACLU fights for those liberties and draws a distinction between justice and party politics. Additionally, this will be a banner year for the ACLU, as they’ve received more funding than ever and are celebrating their centennial. It will be a dream to spend a year helping the Chief of Staff and Executive Director capitalize on this moment of explosive growth and prepare for the future.” - JOJO BANGA, AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (ACLU)

“I’m excited to join MassHealth as Director of Data Strategy Implementation and use the skills I built during my time at HBS to contribute to a mission about which I care deeply: bringing healthcare to our most vulnerable citizens. MassHealth, the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program for Massachusetts, is currently implementing a multi-year payment and care delivery reform initiative that will improve the quality of care for its 1.9 million members while reducing inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. I look forward to learning from an incredibly talented group of people and making a difference in my community.” – CHRISTINA CHEW, MASSHEALTH

“Tackling challenging problems and working on solutions with lasting impact immediately drew me to City Hall. I’m excited to join the Mayor’s Office with this unparalleled opportunity to work directly for critical decision makers who deliver tangible results day in and day out. Boston has a rich history with the Leadership Fellows Program and I’m truly humbled to follow in the footsteps of alumni who have shaped this city with projects that have stood the test of time. This is an amazing chance to combine my private sector experience and HBS education in a completely new setting. I can’t wait to dive in and see firsthand what difference I can make.” - JORGE ECHARTE, CITY OF BOSTON MAYOR'S OFFICE

“I’m really excited to join the Nonprofit Finance Fund and its wonderful team in New York City. I’ve always been interested in social impact and finance, so having the possibility to work with an organization that focuses on providing capital and advisory services to nonprofits and social enterprises is an incredible opportunity to marry both of my interests. Given that most nonprofits and social enterprises are cash-constrained, NFF’s role in providing them with access to capital is of utmost importance for these organizations to advance their social missions. I look forward to embarking on this wonderful learning experience and using the skills I built during my time at HBS.” - INÉS FILA, NONPROFIT FINANCE FUND

“One day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. This is Teach For America’s vision and the one I came to HBS to pursue. Every single student should have the chance to shape their own future, empowered by the great education they received. I am thrilled to be able to apply what I have learned here at HBS to help build towards that future of ‘one day, all children’ as an HBS Leadership Fellow.” - KATHARINE GALLOGLY, TEACH FOR AMERICA

“I made it a goal of mine to become a Leadership Fellow before even applying to HBS. I feel incredibly blessed and excited to be joining The Boston Foundation this summer. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join such a respected pillar in the Boston community and play a role in shaping the strategic direction of its impact going forward. I have been blown away by the high-caliber leaders that I will be working alongside every day and I cannot wait to see how this experience will set me up for an impact-oriented career.” - JONATHAN HANSON, THE BOSTON FOUNDATION

“My goal is to become a leader in global development, where I can inspire future generations to make a positive difference, and enable the vulnerable to lead happier and more empowered lives. To that end, I am incredibly excited about the role of Director of Business Innovation at Points of Light. I deeply resonate with Points of Light’s belief that the most powerful force of change in our world is the individual and that even the smallest actions have an important impact. I also believe that this role will enable me to build new functional skillsets such as revenue generation responsibility, budget ownership, and fundraising, as well as launching and implementing initiatives in the social impact space. I am so grateful to the HBS Leadership Fellows Program for providing this opportunity and am eagerly looking forward to the year ahead!” - TANVI JAIN PATYAL, POINTS OF LIGHT

“While easy to overlook during the rush of the daily commute, the challenges that MBTA employees face every day are complex, wide-ranging, and situated at the nexus of management, operations, finance, technology, and policy. As a long-time Boston resident and rider of the T, through many small interactions and experiences, I have grown to appreciate the central role the MBTA plays in my life and the lives of so many people and organizations in Massachusetts. While I did not plan to enter public service when arriving at HBS, the Leadership Fellows Program has encouraged me to think more broadly about the applications of my education and experience in making an impact on the world. I am extremely excited to be joining the team of dedicated professionals at the MBTA, tackling difficult issues every day in order to directly improve the lives and communities of the people of Massachusetts.” - DOUG LAROSE, MASSACHUSETTS BAY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (MBTA)

“I am really excited about this opportunity for two main reasons. First, I will be working on the same challenge (technology and government) as I was before HBS, but through the lens of the citizen—the end-user. Doing so will expand my depth of understanding about the issue and what it takes to implement true, transformative change. Second, I love that my role largely interfaces with the private sector, but as a representative of the citizen. My experiences personally, professionally, and at HBS—and historical examples—have shown me that our world’s problems are solved through collaboration, not in individual silos and sectors. I can’t wait to help shape how the private and public sectors ought to be partnering together, especially in the Bay Area, to integrate technology inclusively in cities.” - APOORVA PASRICHA, CITY OF SAN JOSE MAYOR'S OFFICE

“Since the beginning of the 20th century, Detroit has played a critical role in America’s emergence as a world superpower: the automobile industry ignited the country’s economy, its manufacturing and industrial prowess fueled victory in World War II, and Motown left a lasting influence on music and culture. The City’s struggles over the past 50 years are well-known, but Detroit is currently in the midst of the greatest comeback story in American history. The HBS Leadership Fellows Program has equipped me with an opportunity to bring that story to life for all Detroiters. As Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Detroit, I’ll be able to help improve how people live, learn, work, commute, eat, pray, and play in the city. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in the world.” - NIKHIL PATEL, CITY OF DETROIT MAYOR'S OFFICE

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the Boston Planning and Development Agency this summer. I have always been interested in working at the intersection of the public and private sectors, and I cannot think of a better starting place to explore this type of work than assisting in real estate projects for the city. It is an incredible privilege to serve the citizens of Boston and represent Harvard Business School in this capacity.” - MEGAN WILLIAMS ROHRER, BOSTON PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY

“I’m honored and humbled to join the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital. The opportunity combines the skills I’ve learned at HBS with my passion for healthcare and technology, and affords me an opportunity to explore my interests in startups and emerging technology while pushing forward the frontier of healthcare. The initiatives and projects I’ve discussed with the team reveal how holistically BCH is viewing technology in healthcare and span everything from straightforward practical integrations to more futuristic, aspirational applications. I couldn’t be more excited to get started!” - SARAH SCALIA, BOSTON CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL

“As a native of Boston’s North Shore, I am excited to be staying in Boston after HBS and support the critical work of the MBTA. With a background in aviation and transportation, I look forward to dedicating my skills to improve the daily transit experience for the many residents of Greater Boston. I am grateful to the Leadership Fellows Program and the team at the MBTA for this unique opportunity to directly impact the T and the Commonwealth.” - NICK SERNA, MASSACHUSETTS BAY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (MBTA)

“As a former social impact strategy consultant, I have long been passionate about helping the public, private, and nonprofit sectors collaborate to address our society’s most complex challenges. I can imagine no better way to launch my post-HBS career than harnessing this passion to shape the rapidly growing field of impact investing. I am thrilled to be joining Social Finance, a pioneer in the impact investing industry and a global leader in developing social impact bonds. As an HBS Leadership Fellow, I look forward to helping the organization develop new financial tools that direct private capital towards effective social programs and create positive returns for both investors and society.” - MICHAEL SILVESTRI, SOCIAL FINANCE

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