School News | BostInno | 25 Mar 2013
The New Alternative Spring Break: 5 Harvard Business School Students Build 5 Companies in 5 Days
Re: Jess Beck (HBS '14); Mike Chang (HBS '14); Okalo Ikhena (HBS '14); Marcela Sapone (HBS '14); Em Toshack (HBS '14)
“There’s a stigma around HBS that we don’t do a lot of building, or that we don’t know how to be entrepreneurs,” says Marcella Sapone, a first-year MBA candidate. “So, how do we change that perception and show at the same time we’re thinking about ventures and building in a very different way?” The answer boiled down to one simple equation: “5x5x5,” five first-year students, five days and five businesses.

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