Faculty News | | 04 Feb 2009
Academy of International Business Fellow
Re: Tarun Khanna
Tarun Khanna, the School's Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor and an expert on emerging economies, particularly those of India and China, has been elected a Fellow of the Academy of International Business (AIB). Established in 1959, AIB is the leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business, with more than 3,000 members in 77 countries around the world. Members include scholars from the leading global academic institutions as well as consultants, researchers, and government and NGO representatives. Khanna's book, Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India are Reshaping Their Futures and Yours ( Harvard Business School Press, 2008), focuses on the drivers of entrepreneurship in China and India and builds on over a decade of work with companies, investors, and non-profits in developing countries worldwide.

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