Faculty News, In the News | Fortune | 02 Oct 2017
SCOTUS and the Duopoly's Deadlock — CEO Daily, Monday, 2nd October
Re: Michael Porter
Why should this matter to readers of CEO Daily? Because, as Harvard’s Michael Porter has argued, political dysfunction is the biggest economic problem facing the U.S.. The nation’s complete inability to address the most obvious economic problems – health care, education, infrastructure, the corporate tax system, budget, etc. – offer plenty of evidence. In March of this year, Porter and his colleague Katherine Gehl published an analysis of the U.S. political system in Fortune using Porter’s famous tools of competitive analysis, and concluded it is a classic “duopoly” – which works well for the duopolists, but not for the customers (American citizens). Gehl and Porter recently elaborated on that analysis in a piece published by Harvard Business School, which you can read here.

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