“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I will start each day without hitting the snooze button, taking a few moments every morning to think about how I can leave a positive imprint on the world before returning to bed. I will strive for significance in my work as a marketer, a friend, a family man, and contributor to the human race.

I will ceaselessly embrace new people, question the status quo, and seek breakthrough ideas, in order to nurture the gifts of empathy and creativity that will help me excel as a marketer. I will strive for the corner office, but with work that pushes boundaries, engenders trust, and fuels my passion.

I will put my family first, and treat my friends like family.

And, I will honor my predecessors – who championed civil rights, battled discrimination, and made ultimate sacrifices – by exploiting every opportunity to learn, every opportunity to teach, every opportunity to share, and every opportunity to create new opportunities for those who come behind me.

— Walter Frye