“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

1. His name is Richard Feynman. Other than winning the Nobel Prize in physics, he was a bongo drummer, master lock picker, and gifted painter. He was a man of infinite curiosity.

2. He was not Harry Houdini. The magician in a by-lane in the ancient Indian city of Banaras, completed five rounds of riffle shuffle before drawing the cards chosen by five bemused spectators in one draw.

3. She was not Lance Armstrong. While keeping pace with the tram, she cut through busy traffic on her bicycle. Her hands were not attached to the bicycle handlebars.

They are some of my idols. I have many.

For different aspects of my life, I idolize different persons based solely on their influence on me in that aspect. My idols include: a homeless flutist, high-school statistics teacher, self-made billionaire, college senior who pursued his passion of mountain climbing, the roadside magician, that unknown cyclist who could cycle without holding the handlebars, and my parents who left everything for love.

I want to remain a lifelong disciple of my idols and learn from them.

And, before I leave this world, I want to become the role model for those who seek equality.

I want to create a world where no one is treated differently based on their race, gender, sexual preference, nationality, or religion.

A world where religion is humanity, faith is happiness, and love is worshipped.

— Tathagata (TAT) Sarkar