“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Touch the lives of others; stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers
battle for which I believe; be determined to achieve
outwit and outpace; but with dignity and grace
never waver from what is right (and get to sleep well at night).

Be a loyal friend; give freely in every relationship I rend
love and care; and often lay my soul bare
experience pain; have the courage to be strong again
sing loudly with a touch of madness; better that, than wallow in sadness.

Laugh a lot, shed some tears; learn to face all my fears
risk being called wild; at heart never stop being a child
be a dreamer of dreams; a doer of deeds
dare mighty things, and have no regrets.

Such that when all things come to pass;
and time may ask, who was Sid?
it will not have been a life half lived.

— Siddhartha Yog