“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

My mother passed away when I was nine. As the oldest child, I spent my childhood taking care of my three young siblings while my dad worked tirelessly to provide for us. 

At an early age, my priorities became clear. I quickly learned to put my feelings aside and focus on what my mind told me is "right," the rational thing to do. As a fifteen year old, I was already thinking about the long term and my ability to take care of my family. Getting A grades became my highest priority. Choosing my career path was a matter of practicality more than passion.

Just before HBS, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. After an internal struggle, I made the difficult decision to move to the US and risk missing the precious time my father has left. I chose to focus on building myself professionally and personally. Every day I am here, the clock is ticking, and I know I am paying a price for this decision. My siblings, who are taking care of my father, also bear the burden. 

These experiences led me to the realization that, in my life, I want to maximize and live up to my potential – both for me, and my family. While the sacrifice I made is clear and I will live my life recognizing and accepting it, I believe the choice was right for me.

— Sabina Robinov