“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
My younger sister flaps her hands with wild excitement when she's happy. Her favorite days usually involve a great movie and a hand-tossed pizza. She's autistic, yet has taught me the most powerful lessons about the simple pleasures of life and the sheer bliss of sinking your teeth into a juicy slice with extra cheese.

Her battle with such a complex disorder initially sparked my interest in neuroscience, and I soon came to realize that science exists well beyond the boundaries of the laboratory. Disease is more than just a pile of morphologically-challenged cells on my petri dish. It has profound physical and emotional effects on patients, families, communities, and nations. My sister wakes up every morning and faces a world she does not completely understand due to her disorder. And in doing so, she teaches my family what it means to be fearless.

The pathway from groundbreaking experiment to development of a viable therapeutic is much more arduous than I ever imagined. But I am dedicated to building innovative life-science companies that are equipped to handle the technological and business challenges. In embracing the power of the biomolecule and the courageous spirit of fighters like my sister, I will help create pioneering tools for those struggling with autism, immeasurably enhancing their quality of life.


— Sarah Murphy