“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I want to make magic happen.

The same magic that I felt when I saw an airplane take off in the distance as I nervously waited for mine to do the same. Winter's first snow in Boston and the searing chill I felt on my bare feet. The beginning of a steamy love affair with microwave popcorn. These were magical moments.

I learned much later in life that creating magic takes tremendous sacrifice on the part of the magician. My parents, the first magicians I knew, left their lives behind to create for me a magical lottery ticket known as The Dream. This ticket is the best gift I ever received. It pays out winnings every day in the form of those special moments that make life worth living.

I am rich now, because my ticket keeps paying out. But I also know that the price of this ticket was steep for the magicians who created it. In their honor, I plan to train as a magician myself. I want to create special moments for others.

I hope that someday, my children will believe that their father is the world's best magician.

And I hope that my parents will know where I got it from.


— Sanjayan Manivannan