“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
To prove.

That faith is more important than fact.
That my church can be more empowering than a boardroom.
This is what I wish to prove with my one precious life.

To become a father, son, brother and husband, not simply be one.
That each and every life has purpose.
To elucidate that purpose to those who may despair or who are hopeless.
To find those people not on the other side of the globe, but in the cubicle next door.

That relationships will be my legacy.
That my life will be marked not by the content of my accomplishments but rather by the breadth of my ambitions.

That changing one person's life matters.
That I may make a difference in the community in which I live and with the people that I know. And that will be an accomplishment satisfying enough.
That celebrating others is the noblest of all life's undertakings.

That at the end of my days I may be called a witness.
A witness to the indomitable human spirit and the Hand that guides it.

— Robert M. Tichio