“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I tread along in the footsteps of those who have accomplished so much with so little...

My father was a shepherd for the first decade of his life until a teacher offered to enroll him in school. My mother grew up with her grandmother who just managed to get by on odd jobs. Their successes in life are the ultimate testament to the fact that "the dream" is more than just "American." So I go through my days knowing that I have no excuse to fail and that terrifies me.

I touched land in the US determined to be a neurosurgeon because I wanted to help people through healthcare in a uniquely impactful way. Chances are, when I return to Ghana in a few years I will be anything but that.

Years removed from my last med school-inspired class, I am anxious to get home to my mother's cooking and to delve into my new task of exploring the entrepreneurial spirit which so many of my professors here have stirred up. Along the way, I want to turn a stagnant fruit-processing company into a vibrant spring of innovative juices — transform a dormant granite and marble mine into a building-block of domestic rejuvenation — grow a modest cattle ranch into the stock of life for a nation...

...all of which are simply stepping stones for my true passion, to establish a foundation to fund sustainable healthcare in Ghana — to help people in a unique impactful way.

...and realize the promise that my life holds in the process.

— Randolph Rodrigues