“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Tears rolling softly down my face. My six young cousins carrying the coffin. A deep quiet and stillness despite a church packed to bursting point.

Yet, there’s a profound sense of peace and happiness inside me. I had known this wonderful woman. A grandmother that became a confidante, a friend and an inspiration.

When she was sick in hospital, hardened nurses who had only known her 3 weeks felt the magic. She listened to their stories, cared about their lives and became their friends. They begged senior doctors to allow them to care for her until the end, rather than move her to traditional hospice care.

She was a modest, humble woman with an enormous personality. She had an ability to empathize and make you feel special. To her, your story was fascinating. She did ordinary things in a truly extraordinary way.

As I leave this institution, I will give people time and cherish their stories in a world where it is too easy to rush. I will treasure relationships and those who share their stories with me. Most of all, I will strive to make people feel special. Exactly like Granny.

— Rachel Reddy