“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

When I grew up in rural Philippines, my family was fond of collecting toothpaste boxes. We would write our personal details on the back of the boxes and send them to Manila for a raffle promo that toothpaste brands held annually. Our house may have been small, but we made sure to keep a special space for the boxes as if they were our golden ticket to a comfortable life.

I learned that I was not alone. Many people count on luck because they lack the opportunities to take greater control of their lives.

I remember feeling empowered for the first time when I decided to leave my hometown to attend high school on a scholarship in Manila, a place of opportunities. I knew that it was time to throw away those boxes and stop entrusting the next years of my life to them.

I want to pay it forward by bringing accessible, innovative, and enabling products to mass consumers to uplift their everyday lives. I will make overlooked people a source of opportunities and innovation. I will empower these people – my people – to row harder, keep their heads up, and take charge of their lives every day. So for every day of my life, I will help people throw out their toothpaste boxes.

— Revee Rapallo