“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I will live in the present.

I will push myself as hard as I can every day. I will pack a bit less and endure a bit more.

I will sometimes do things that don't make sense.

I will drive from Alaska to Argentina on the Pan-American Highway with someone I love. And we will take turns driving.

I will go to bed exhausted.

I will not forget my past.

I will make my parents comfortable in their old age. I will take walks with my father. I will play cards with my mother.

I will remember that my sister taught me never to settle. And I will remember how my parents struggled to provide me with the life that I have.

I will wake up every morning and say thank you for my life blessings.

I will have confidence in the future.

I will welcome failure. I will demonstrate my character and conviction when I stand tall and try again.

I will always be the father I envisioned. I will spend the time to teach my children why it's important to take the training wheels off.

I will step out of bed and be excited for what the day will bring.

— Rishi Chandna