“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I want to be an Ambassador of Ridiculousness.

I've live in fear, running from who I am, hiding and dismissing myself, attempting to be who I think I should be. Terrified of the moment when I will be forced to admit that I'm not in control.

But to be ridiculous is to be honest, unabashed and fearless. I will smile at strangers as we pass on a cold gray morning. I will move to the moors of England, write that novel and treasure every rejection letter as evidence of a dream pursued. I will remain steadfast in my belief that the Cleveland Indians will win a World Series before I die. I will savor a glass of champagne at the end of every day, toasting to family, friends, faith and time.

I want to help everyone embrace their ridiculousness. To help them passionately give voice to uncommon beliefs. To encourage people to proclaim their dreams as loudly as their successes. To help them find the courage to stop trying to have it all and start having what really matters. To strive to be the moment in someone's day that, as the dark velvet of night closes in, makes them think "my, that was unexpected" and smile.

Ambassador of Ridiculousness. I think we need one.

— Robyn Bolton