“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
An F!
I didn't want to believe it. Just as I was trying to forget a disastrous semester, the Registrar wanted to give me one last reminder.

But it happened. It was mine to keep.
An F.

It was both humorous and humiliating to do the same 10 minute walk to Lecture Room 3 at 8:30am for the second semester in a row. But for those 10 minutes, I was forced to be honest with myself and truly decide what I wanted to do. This stuck.

And your plan?
Ha, good question. Well, I have come to realize that I live for failure... sounds weird even as I type it. Sorry Mom and Dad. But failure reminds me that I still have work to do here. The freedom to fail will allow me to take chances, to enjoy who I am, to build that scuba shop at some point, to be a drummer in a band, to proudly wear my cheesehead in public.1 In fact, if I ever think I am some kind of a success, that would truly be a failure.

I won't be a person who treats my life like a fine piece of china, protected in bubble wrap and rarely used. My life is precious, but it is more than that. So I'll eschew a protective stance. To live life fearlessly.

(Now, where's my cheesehead... .)

1. This is clearly not insinuating that anything related to the Green Bay Packers is somehow embarrassing, but actually refers to some who feel it is inappropriate to wear a wedge of cheese on one's head in public. These people are from Illinois.

— Rick Ambrust