“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I was seven and I was dreaming of a toy car. I made my own out of wood. I looked at my new toy and it made me very happy.

I was fifteen and I was dreaming of a holiday full of parties. I convinced some merchants in my home town that they needed to purchase hand-made stamps. I earned enough money to party like an animal and it made me very happy.

I was twenty eight and I was dreaming of getting an MBA from a premier business school. I was blessed to gain admission to Harvard Business School. Each day is an experience that further reveals Nvalaye to me and it makes me very happy.

I will soon graduate of HBS and I am dreaming of making life a little bit easier for my fellow Africans. I am scared of this challenge and wonder if I am ready but I am committed to living my dreams rather than dreaming my life. I know only this will make me very happy.

— Nvalaye Kourouma