“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I still remember how depressed I was when studying China Modern History in the middle school. If history is a drama, the past +100 years in China before the reform must be a tragedy, filled with invasions, wars, mass poverty, chaos, and disasters of humanity. It's at my time that history finally gives China an inflection point. I was born with duty. With a better education and more exposure, I can and must do something for my country: introduce mature business practices, create more jobs, and help build efficient economic and political systems. Maybe I'll never be a politician, but I can support and sponsor the right one, who's efficient and fair, who cares the people, and who doesn't abuse power.

Without family and friends, life is meaningless to me. For me, there's nothing more joyful to see the smile from people I love. And they smile because of me. I want to be always available to them, seeking their career suggestions, having the Chinese New Year dinner together, and surrounding them with love.

I also want to treat myself well and indulge myself from time to time, with something small, like watching DVD for the whole night, or something big, like taking a year off to live in Tibet to breathe the nature. I want to have a smile, either big or small, on my face, everyday.

Then, I can die gracefully, with no regret.

— Ningfeng Hu