“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I have always thought of myself as a Man with a Plan. It's as if I were speeding down the Autobahn, with a clear destination in mind and an obsession with getting there as quickly as possible. Yet the further along I race into the Future, the more I realize that my passions, goals, and priorities are constantly in flux. Every day I learn new things about myself and about the world around me; every day I discover exciting new possibilities. I used to feel troubled by (what I considered to be) these distractions, as if they were forcing me off the Autobahn to success and onto the slow, meandering country roads. Now I know that the adventure of the journey is more rewarding than any ultimate destination.

So I have determined a broad direction for myself – the ambition to marry my interests in technology with a desire to help the less fortunate, the dream to find true love, and a hope to have a family of my own –but I am newly open to those pleasant surprises and inevitable bumps in the road. And as this Unexpected Life unfolds, I have faith that God's Plan for me is bound to be vastly more fascinating than any one I could have ever imagined myself. Let's face it: the Autobahn might have been quick, but it sure would have been a boring ride.

— Masood Razaq