“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I once dreamt of becoming a film-maker. When asked why, I often justified my aspiration with elaborate arguments in order to convince the skeptics. In reality, I did not want to be a film-maker, I simply wanted to depict stories that would awake emotions, change perceptions, shape behaviors and positively impact the social meter.

In this story, I will focus on a "lucky girl" from the Democratic Republic of Congo who traveled the world with a lot of questions and hoped to return home with a few answers. Her journey took her from Brussels to Boston to attend school; from Chicago to Chimaltenango to understand entrepreneurship; from Hollywood to Havana to contrast economic ideals and from Provincetown to Paducah to realize that we are one people!

Soon, this "lucky girl" will return home to Africa as an HBS Leadership Fellow to contribute some of the lessons learned and invest in social enterprises. While she has no definite answers, she does have a few stories to share. She will tell people back home that they have not been forgotten. She will tell them to remain hopeful. She will tell them that she witnessed a man born from an African father become President of the United States. She will tell them that their voices are beginning to be heard. Then she will stop and listen to their stories and together, newly inspired, they will write the next chapter.


— Marlene Ngoyi