“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Allocate time and energy to initiatives for the primary benefit of my beloved South Africa
Many lives were sacrificed for my freedom
And with political freedom comes great responsibility
To achieve economic emancipation
So our children can eat, receive quality education and work
Thus repaint Africa's canvas of poverty and strife
...to prosperity and peace

Take a moment to inhale the sweet scent of flowers, at every opportunity
The hopeful fragrance of summer rain on newly-ploughed ground
Reminisce of simple village life as a little girl
Of school days in makeshift tents
Hot afternoons catching tadpoles in nearby streams
When lost, looking for the North Star to lead us home

Exercise, eat well, pray lots and take vitamins; daily?
Be honest, trustworthy, and dependable
Love unconditionally-accepting people with their eccentricities
Dance freely and thrive patiently amidst the questions
Cherish my blessings and ultimately live in grace

— Mamongae Mahlare