“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

The first doll my mother bought for my sister was black – so she would love herself and her skin.

The second doll she bought was white – so she would love others and their skin. From the time we were born, my mother instilled the notion that all skin is beautiful. Every shade. Every color.

Every tone. Her intentionality made me love my Sudanese skin. It made me feel that my black skin is not just beautiful, but flawless.

I have always known that all skin is perfect. Every shade. Every color. Every tone. I took this belief to be a universal truth. However, as I began to experience more of the world, I realized that not everyone views skin the way that I do. Instead, I learned that some people value skin based on its color and believe it is worth less when it is black.

Honing the intentionality of my mother, I started Nour – a skincare company named after her – with a mission to ensure that every person will value, love, and protect their skin.

Soon, I hope everyone will know, from the time they are born, that all skin is valuable. Every shade. Every color. Every tone.

— Mae Abdelrahman