“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I plan to live my life returning the extra 5¢ the cashier gives me; and then I plan to live discovering exactly how that became my instinct, so that one day I can teach my own children to do the same.

I will live my life holding the door for the person behind me, happily smiling at strangers, and reminding myself when I am driving and become impatient to "let the other car in." I will always dream of those things I could have done differently yesterday, of how I can make the most of what life brings me today, and of the opportunities that tomorrow may bring. I will live my life helping the people I love, and learning to love those I don't.

I plan to live making certain that all of the individuals who have touched my life, shaped the person I have become, and loved me in their own special way, know that I am thankful. But most of all, I will live so that when I die, on my gravestone they may write:

"Here lies daughter, sister, family member,
wife, mother, and friend
who gave all she had, and all she could have been,
to love each and every one of us,
more than she loved herself."

— Leena Kevan Nash