“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Human energy is renewable energy. My energy doesn't come from pipelines or wires.

My energy comes from tackling intellectual and personal challenges. I once told my father I had to stop studying medicine because, "I wanted to do something important with my life." A surgeon who has dedicated his life to healing others, he laughed off the unintended insult, understanding that beneath my hubris grew a desire to affect change not on an individual, physical level but on a global scale.

Global energy systems must shift dramatically during our lifetime. What's hanging in the balance? International development, economic progress, global security, environmental integrity – the very baseline of human prosperity. Nothing is more challenging than the complex and evolving realities of the energy sector, and I will continuously draw my energy from these challenges.

I've found my rechargeable battery. My human energy will drive this necessary change, navigating and combating entrenched interests. My passion will be a spark of electricity that inspires others to join me in developing cleaner, safer, more affordable energy.

— Lourdes Long