“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I will be ok.

I knelt over my mom, my right hand clasping hers and my left hand supporting her head, desperate to keep her with me just a moment longer.

I was terrified. Searching for strength and comfort, I looked at her and said, "Mom, it's going to be ok." Her warm green eyes looked into mine with conviction and certainty as she smiled and replied, "I know."

I wasn't sure I believed it, but it was clear that she did.

Seconds later she was gone.

The months and years that followed were anything but ok. I took comfort in the warmth of her last words to me, but couldn’t help but doubt their truth. How could she know?

The hole left in my heart is filled by knowing that Love cannot disappear. I can feel her love now as strongly as I did then. It connects us still, as she knew it would.

I will let go of my doubt. I will live without fear. I will honor the strength given to me and the sacrifice made for me. I will be grateful for the experience each new day brings.

I believe her now. I will be ok.

— Kara Scarbrough