“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Everywhere I look, I see miracles. They manifest themselves delightfully in the tiny details of my everyday life.

Miracles surround and delight me at every turn...

...in the buttery slats of sunlight winking down through tree branches on crisp fall mornings...in a breeze whispering as I pass through pre-dawn stillness... in the florid scent of manicured campus grounds, tinged with redolence of fresh mulch... in the greeting chirp of a flying songstress from her nook between towering columns of a landmark...

I delight in discovering these miracles peeking, teasing and catching my gaze. And then...

...the exchange of hopeful smiles and greetings with friends on the sidewalk, as we relish a few fleeting, unburdened moments before the day's work begins.

Everyday magic like this adds up to the paradisiacal experience that is my daily walk to class... if I only dare look. Willingness is the only gateway to perceiving these abundant joys of life.

It took me years to glimpse these little miracles.

Before, I sought meaning by ricocheting through nihilism, narcissism, nonchalance, and naïveté – only occasionally landing in optimism. Today, I finally have faith that every person, place, and experience has something to teach me... if I only dare listen. These small miracles cumulate and manifest themselves in the experiences, people and places that mold and transform my life. I see miracles in life's randomness, unpredictability, and richness. Each morning I awake with the hope I will be blessed with opportunities to explore and share life's abundant everyday miracles with others... with you.

— Kristin Meyer