“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I will unleash my own Inner Spiderman...with his motto: "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility." I'll keep believing in the power of People, of 'Small' Things, and of Being Real – and use this to empower myself and teammates to achieve. For me, to choose Healthy, generate Alive, and create Joy. 'Small' things... I will run an extra mile when I want because... really... I'm not THAT busy. I'll rename my 'To Do' list my 'Being a Rockstar' list, and tape a sign at work that reads – "My Outlook Calendar doesn't run my life. I do." I'll keep up a life-long compulsion to hold the door open for people, whether they notice or not. People... I'll see humans as one big team, and stop to look at, listen to, and learn from all types – in cabs, elevators, gondolas... wherever, really. I'll seek out the friendliest things in strangers and the strangest things in friends - and burst into smile. I'll measure success in the creation of laugh lines. Being real... I will wackify words, and talk "too" loud and "too" fast when I get excited... and be happy about that. I'll overdose on wasabi and Dijon mustard until I cry - because it's fun. And I'll let myself cry real tears too - because I get I'm not defined by fun. So I'll stop to FEEL about things, not just THINK about them. I'll cherish the good times, and look to learn from and clean up the less-than-good ones. I leave HBS inspired by the power of our human team, and ready to take responsibility for acting with commitment, courage, and integrity to help harness it. Joining the hospitality industry, I'll work at this business of unleashing superheroes with my co-workers – by creating environments for employees and guests to be their best, to generate the powerhouse in each of us.

— Kirsten Hassert