“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I believe each of us has a calling – I am in constant search of mine, yet I will not miss out on life as I wait for it.

To start, I intend to feel energized each morning – not grouchy, not stressed, not depressed.

I plan to make each day about an experience – moving away from naiveté, watching a ballet recital, practicing Bikram yoga, doing due diligence on a health care company, striving for six-pack abdominals, exploring a new culture, and cheering others on as a wife, future mother, and friend.

I have been blessed beyond belief in my life. I am grateful for the simple things we often take for granted such as fingers and toes and the ability to move my limbs and to breathe. I have been gifted with the treasures of a terrific family, generous friends, formal and hands-on education, travel experiences on five continents, and a thus far rewarding career. These are jewels worth more to me than any material goods. I aspire to draw upon these gifts to create future blessings for others.

I've heard that the way to make God chuckle is to make concrete plans. For me, there is no worrying about tomorrow – I want to enjoy each day as it comes. I have my outline and first draft, yet I know there is a final version already written for me.

— Kenna Wyllie Baudin