“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

One day, I will welcome people as they check-in to my hotels. OK, my hotel empire is but a single apartment now, but one day I will be able to take care of people; people who come from all over the world with many different views, hopes, dreams and desires. It is this diversity coupled with my desire to build a global family that leads me toward my future hotel empire. Some may view hotels as a place to rest for a night. I view hotels as a landscape, a canvas for the evening; my hotels will be a wide world under one roof.

One day, I will teach my children what my parents could not teach me. It will be my honor, duty and obligation to gently guide them as they develop their own character. I will rejoice as they discover life and see the world. My life's journey will serve as a roadmap to their learning and I shall willingly give both my heart and soul to see them flourish.

And, one day, I will be old, wrinkly, and content, and step into a final chapter of a life well lived.

— Joshua Wyatt