“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I want to teach soccer to everyone in the world.
For many, soccer is just a game. For me, it is beyond that.
Soccer is universal.
It demands teamwork and communication.
It requires trust and respect.
It is entertaining, makes people laugh and sometimes makes people cry.
And most importantly it does not care whether you are black, yellow, or white, whether you are an MBA, a college dropout, or even an illiterate, whether you are rich or poor.

I want to teach people what I learned from soccer.
I learned how to work with other people to achieve a common goal.
I learned how to trust others and believe that they want to win as much as I do.
I learned how to be patient and wait and wait and wait until the right timing to move forward.
I learned how to be persistent, never giving up on what I want.
I learned how to be a good cheerleader, reaching out to the losing team when I win, and keeping my chin up when I lose.
I learned what my strengths and what my weaknesses are.
I learned how to strengthen my friendships and how to build new relationships.
I learned how to be ethical and to respect rules and regulations.
I learned how a minority like me could blend with the mainstream.

I am not David Beckham, but I will never give up until everyone in the world learns to play soccer.
And then, I believe the world will be a better place.

— Junaidi