“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Sitting in my grandfather's garden as a child, surrounded by fig trees and tomato vines, I was in a state of wonder. In these moments, my world was in balance.


The world in which we live is one of ecological balance. It is a world of wonder but also a world of struggle.

The ideals of the Industrial Revolution and the Green Revolution were predicated on eliminating mankind's age-old struggle with nature. Starvation, exhaustion, succumbing to the elements; all were to be tragedies of the past. In many ways, mankind succeeded. Improved crop yields, advanced transportation, available resources for shelter, increased commerce and trade all enabled population growth, increasing lifespan, and a higher standard of living.

However, our gains have come at the expense of tipping the natural world out of balance. Natural systems have deteriorated and some face collapse. We now face a new struggle, restoring balance.


Good investors recognize the need to continuously rebalance their financial portfolios. In this life, I hope to lead a push toward rebalancing our natural portfolio. Toward this goal, I will influence the companies for which I work, the businesses that I start, the communities in which I live, and the family that I raise.

My goal of helping rebalance the natural world will be the foundation on which I continuously rebalance my own personal portfolio.

— Jared Simon