“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I am deeply attached to a simple idea:

If every human being can work to make things better in whatever place they have influence then the world will also be a better place. No matter at what scale each person changes the world, this is the way that mankind makes progress.

We in this program are incredibly lucky to have the talents and opportunities to choose the places where and ways in which we want to leave our impressions on the world.

So therefore, what do I plan?

I plan to help companies grow, to create wealth for society through products and services that people want because they make their lives better. My first task is to help my future employer make shopping for groceries easier and more efficient. I'm not really sure what comes next, but I plan for it to be challenging and fun.

I plan to help British education improve. I want the educational opportunities that I was privileged to have to be open to all who want to take them. I want education to make Britain a meritocracy.

I plan to help as many people as possible enjoy music. Despite my impatience, at some point I plan to teach something. I also plan to keep learning.

Most importantly, I plan to try to spread this idea and give family, friends, colleagues and strangers the same chances to improve themselves and the world around them as I have been given.

— Jon Rudoe