“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I have an insatiable need for speed. There's never enough time to do everything I'd like, but I aspire to be inhuman and accomplish the maximum within the short time I know is left. I may be entering the finance world again, but I will break free of the achievement doom loop that leaves one with nothing but a career and a bank account.

I will see all the oceans and travel to each continent.
I'll sit with penguins in Antarctica and play with pandas in China.
I'll ride a motorcycle through the winding mountain roads — fast!
I'll make my parents proud of me, and I'll be the "favorite aunt."
I'll find a way to make senior care desirable and not negative.
I'll live and abide by "no fear."

Most importantly, I'll burn as brightly as possible for a short period of time, but impart every bit of that spark to every person with whom I interact, bringing joy and laughter into their lives, moving along as quickly, or as slowly, as fates allow.

— Janice Lin