“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
When I swung from the trapeze for the first time at sleep-away camp in the summer of 1993, I decided I wanted to join the circus. I was excited by the prospect of someone actually paying me to have fun. So my dad hung a yellow rope between two trees in our backyard, providing a place for me to practice trapeze tricks I learned that summer. If my job could be that fun, I reasoned, it wouldn't be work.

I want to spend my life helping others realize that their work, too, can be that fun. I want to engage, motivate, develop, and transform people's lives at work — at all levels and in all kinds of organizations. The right to a rewarding career — one that engages the mind and fills the heart with joy — shouldn't be limited to just a privileged few; everyone has dreams.

I want to fundamentally change the way the world views work, to create systems in which every working person sees an opportunity, a next step, and true meaning in what he or she spends such a huge portion of life doing. I want to enable people to realize their dreams through their work. Helping all employees chart their own individual course doesn't just make good business sense — it's the right thing to do.

I never joined the circus, and I haven't been back on the trapeze since summer camp. But I did find a career path that helps me achieve my dreams. Why shouldn't everyone?


— Josh Bronstein