“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
One day, I will build a crib from scratch. It will feature stained wood for style and monster truck-sized tires for performance, just in case we need to move it around. The project will be exciting and my joy will come from the little person who will inhabit the Martha Stewart-meets-Evel Knievel contraption.

But why stop at the edges of my own yard? I will build an organization that empowers others to create safe and healthy homes. The depth of poverty and malnutrition in our world is overwhelming but addressing the problem doesn't need to be — it starts with one person and radiates outward. I will do my part to help the most vulnerable have at least a "crib of one's own."

Standing on the front porch of my small wooden home, built to withstand the ocean breeze, one hand will be on my crib. The other will be supporting someone else as he builds his.

— Jordan Bazinsky