“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
If life could be planned I would have already – 
  • Eradicated Poverty from the World
  • Controlled Global Warming
  • Established World Peace
  • Cured all Diseases
  • Discovered the fountain of youth and last but not the least....
  • Built my mansion on moon....
....but what I have discovered is that life cannot be planned. Because if it was, my family would not have been forced to move from (what eventually became) Pakistan to India on a moment's notice, leaving everything behind. Nor could I have planned meeting my mentor while stuck in an elevator. I thus believe that the final destination is irrelevant; it's the journey to the destination that makes all the difference. The journey is full of complex intersections each leading to a unique place with more unique intersections. So my goal in life is to –
  • Embrace the journey that I am fortunate enough to embark on
  • Enjoy the beautiful drive of life and learn from each flat tire along the way
  • Keep company of good people during this journey...the journey is extremely pleasant when the company is good
  • Discover new places and venture on higher grounds
  • Persist in unpleasant weather and find my way through unknown places
I'll deem this metaphorical journey to be extremely successful if I can carry the torch for a greater good, learn from each experience and touch the lives of everyone I meet and interact with on this journey.

— Harman Kochar