“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I aspire to be like a chef, and to have a few courses in the adventure of life.

A chef is a perpetual student, tirelessly poring over books and absorbing knowledge from others. Double espresso, please!

During my quest, I will embrace foreign cultures to relish in their spices and techniques while also offering of myself. Most people don't appreciate the number of ways to use raisins.

Long hours and modest allowance may come with this enterprise. I'll pack a brown-0bag lunch.

At just the right moment, I will venture to create my own meal, hungry to experiment and driven to meet intrinsic expectations. Better grab some blueberries for brain food.

Naturally, I will enjoy the meal with others. Through exchanging ideas, fellowship, and celebration, a shared meal allows relationships to flourish. These relationships are the core of truly living. Do you take your Scotch neat or on the rocks?

Most importantly, I will strive to feed others. Whether it's a foolproof tri-tip, a flopped profiterole, or hearty peanut butter, there are billions with far less than me. I'll have the fish tonight, I think.

You are always welcome: come break bread at my table.


— Glenn Bean