“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
When I was six I contracted childhood measles and went blind for a number of days. As a result, I learned to truly appreciate the gift of sight and even beyond that the importance of vision. Over the years, I discovered there are two types of blindness: physical and perceptive, Helen Keller also understood this and believed "the greatest tragedy in life is people who have sight but no vision."

Come see my vision for Africa… I see not just starvation and death but a vibrant Africa; empowered to dream big. Not just dirty and disease-ridden but clean and healthy. Beyond the dark stain of corruption, I see the bright light of hope, democracy and prosperity that fuels it all.

I also see your doubt and skepticism… such a lofty vision, you might think. But it is simple really, in my little corner of Africa-In my life-with God by my side, I can help to create the Africa I see by being the best that I can be in all the roles of my life: a great wife, mum, daughter, sister, friend, employee, employer and citizen.

I ask the world… I ask you….to close your eyes and see Africa one day making beautiful music. No longer a cacophony of disparate beating drums but rather a 52-person orchestra-- each country a distinct instrument but together playing a cohesive masterpiece of love, unity and pride. Can you see it?

— Foluke Otudeko