“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
In the words of the band Twisted Sister, "I wanna rock."

But, despite my best efforts, I cannot sing a note, play guitar, or even clap to a beat. However, I don't let my inabilities stop me. I am obsessed with music.

Being a music fan defines me. I won a signed electric guitar at a concert that now hangs on my living room wall. I have a tattoo from a music festival on my forearm. My favorite "books" are music blogs. I've been to more concerts than Harvard Business School classes.

Why? Seeing a great band live inspires me. Attending a music festival on a sunny day with thousands of other fans energizes me. Listening to an old favorite album grounds me. Turning up the volume relaxes me. Sharing a song recommendation with a friend excites me.

I plan to emulate the musicians I admire. Like an undiscovered band touring the country, I will be determined and humble. Like a superstar playing a sold-out stadium, I will be impactful and memorable.

And I will never stop listening…I will be the "old" person at concerts, even if teenagers mock me.

I'm gonna rock.


— Emily Kramer