“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Like many people here
I've spent the most of my years
Preparing for my future
Deciding on my career.
And now I finally realize
I finally understand
The moments that mean the most
Are never what was planned.
My life keeps taking twists and turns
Giving me choices unexpected.
I find that I can make the most
Of whatever I've selected.

So I want to live for the present
Not only focus on future days
To reflect on the road I've traveled
And gather the rosebuds while I may.
That does not mean to take rash risks
Nor waste my days in selfish pleasure.
It just means that I can live my life
Not always taking careful measure.
It also means I should recognize
The love and support I received.
That's the strength that let me live
A way in which I can believe.

I do not have a single purpose
Nor single path I follow.
Each day I do what most I can
And start anew tomorrow.
For it's not only when we're old
That proves how we should live.
It's what we do in our every day
How to everyone we give.
It's how we appreciate our precious lives
Each precious moment unspent.
It's how we thank the ones who care
With deepfelt gracious intent.

So, what will I do with my life?
We shall have to see.
I shall make life happen now

As I let life happen to me

— Elizabeth Chang