“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Help kids to look up.

When I was five, I went with my dad to the middle school where he was a teacher. For a science project, his students had built small rockets, and it was the launch day. We walked out to a green field. One of the students handed me the control stick with the launch button. I was nervous and a little scared of the rockets, but my dad reassured me that everything would be OK. I punched the button and the rocket leapt into the air. Awestruck, I looked up and watched my rocket fly higher and higher. With one finger, I had touched the sky.

I still carry that five-year old's sense of wonder with me. But I was lucky. My parents filled my childhood with these moments. Moments that made me look up and believe anything is possible.

I want to spend my life creating these moments. When I am a father, I want to create a moment every day for my kids, where they look up and feel a sense of wonder at the world around them. As I work in education, I want to create these moments every day for as many kids as I can reach.

I want to help kids to look up.

— Dan Vallone