“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Caterpillars cocoon and turn into butterflies.

Change, the only constant of life, is always happening to these morphing creatures. I always wonder if the animal ever knows in which phase it finds itself.

My life is no different. When I've got the elated feeling of having done something I wanted to do (or felt I should have done), have I spread my wings or am I just a caterpillar preparing to cocoon?

Perspective on this question eludes me, so all the while I'll live my life.

I have passions,

            relationships –new and old

                        I live in new places

                                    I learn new things

                                                I love

                                                            I hurt

                                                I grow

                                    I build my spirit

                        I share

            I care for myself, my family, and others I have yet to meet

I seek new challenges, answers, peace, and freedom as I live my "one wild and precious life," grateful for that which has been afforded me.

— Debbie McCoy