“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
My grandmother is 103, and she is always quick to remind me, "it's not about having what you want; it's about wanting what you have." Well, I want this black eye. Well, at least, I want to share the story that I broke my nose and got a black eye playing rugby for HBS. It is a part of the travels and adventures that I want to pass down to my grandchildren along with Granny's wisdom. I also want to tell them stories of how my vision for the role that business has to play in the world helped make this planet a tiny bit more equitable, a tiny bit more efficient, a tiny bit more sustainable. I want my grandchildren to have the same passion for life that Granny has, not because of the stories I tell about her, but because my life inspires in them what Granny has inspired in me. If I am a connector in this way between five generations of my family, I will have lived a full and rich life.

— Dan Gertsacov