“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
A single, impoverished mother, only 15 years old, gave birth to the first baby I delivered in medical school. Bringing a new life into the world was nothing short of a miracle. However, caring for this young woman, all alone, through the challenge of labor was unforgettable.

That experience marked a significant milestone in a personal journey. I discovered that the practice of good medicine teaches the values needed for a quality life. It involves helping people through tough choices. It means having the courage to listen without judgment. It sanctifies the power of hope.

Building an institution of good medicine is something to which I aspire. While I strive towards that vision, I plan to make every small step count. Although I cannot control the condition of the path I will take, I will never give up my right to laugh and wonder at the experience.

That first baby I delivered was a boy. There is so much more life to come.

— Chirag Shah