“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Let me be in that place where I am able to be. To give.
Let me be open to fill up, stand up, recognize, build, support, love.
Destroy, observe, rebuild.
Children? Two, please. My own company? Hmmm... yes... But let me start by successfully raising a puppy into content, mature dog-hood.
I will provide space.
I will love.
I will provide structure upon which one (dog) can depend.
I will be motivated.
I will dedicate myself to do what is right.
I will be courageous.
We will run.
We will address the difficult conversations.
We will succeed.
I will fail.
It will be difficult.
I will love.
And on those days when I find it hard to love (even myself), I will know and trust the love that I receive from my dog.
From there? ...children, life, work…the world.
I will love.
I will be.
We will go outside.
We will be where we are.
We will run.

— Carolyn Pyles